Sunday, September 28, 2008


Everything that I claimed would happen but didn't want to happen just happened. I think that made sense. Blah! People should just do everything I tell them to. I hung out with Tasha today at Caffe Ladro for about 3 hours. It was disappointing. Once we went for like 6 hours and talked the whole time. This time; only half the time of before, we were running out of things to talk about, but I'm pretty sure it was the fact that I had my computer with me.

Ive decided to make a online radio station. At first I wanted to broadcast pirate radio. But I don't have the recourse's. Maybe in the future. I think I'm gonna name the site after a drink. Id tell you the name but I haven't bought it yet so you could steal it, and that would greatly upset me.

My English teacher was on the front page of The Herald. Shes a bad ass, super PR. The article was all about here starting an underground news paper with her students, and how her idea of a vacation was going on a protest and getting arrested. She a communist. I think she has inspired the all the teachers at my school.

I digg it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So I got may hands on a copy of Photoshop CS3, and I was just messing around and came up with this really rough draft of a Kaz-Ba design. The colors aren't final (so comment on them), like I said vary rough. I think I will revamp my Geometry Kaz-Ba logo with my new found tools, although I like the hand drawn look. im not sure what to do. I made a picture of a tree blowing with all the leaves and a sign saying "Kaz-Ba Closed For Fall" which would be cool, if it were at all true.

I made a youtube account. danielbrossard is the username if you wanna, you know, subscribe. I have no videos up sadly. I want to get the one of my cabin singing Reliant K at camp but I haven gotten around to it. I think to make this channel as great as possible I need to carry a camera around school all day every day. This would result in some interesting footage. I need to have a successful youtube channel. And as many followers on twitter as Kevin Rose or Barack Obamma!

All this may put me a bit closer to my dream of Internet stardom. I'm thinking of making a podcast, but only if I have a cool acronym like TWiT. Maybe DEAF - Daniel Eats Alternative Foods. Or maybe I just want to be a Pirate and make the world better with my corrupting of the system... kinda like Dr. Horrible but with a more techie feel to it.

Oh, by the way Joss Whedon. I get it Firefly isn't coming back, so can you at least make another Dr. Horrible for me?

Ha! like Joss Whedon reads my blog.

Although Rob Bell reads Tasha's...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I dont remember

When did being a whore become attractive? When did saying things so inaccurate, make them become true? When did they stop caring? When did I stop caring? Did I stop caring?

I don't remember

I'm not sure why I choose to hang out with people when I know what will happen. Maybe I think the people will of of a sudden go back to how they use to be... Change. I'm not gonna say people never change, because in this case they changed into something I cant stand. I think its time for them to change back. I have a hard time accepting the fact that I sometimes cant help a person care about themselves or others. When you love a person so much and all of a sudden they become something awful, is it ok to abandon them. Especially when you know you cant help.

I was just with a person I love so much. They have changed alot. They were slightly drunk and uttering nonsense. I couldn't be there for long, so I left soon after arriving.

I used to have so much respect and share so much with her. now I find her hard to be around. once this person; in my opinion, was the greatest thing since twitter. It was wrong for me to be so obsessed, sure. But i got over it. We became good friends, and that was it. But she started to get into things i was no fan of. I tried to help but this was something she has to go threw on her own. The only problem is it is killing me to sit on the sidelines and watch her fuck up.

I guess its all in gods hands.

Friday, September 19, 2008

In your on your couch!

I'm not sure what is better than a videocast about the most dugg story's on Oh yeah one where the hosts are hilarious. Diggnation is one of the most ridiculous things Ive ever been watching for the past 100 episodes. Some of the story's are very interesting, one was about this crazy book scanner that makes all your books into .pdf files. I want one. Sometimes I wish I was the star of an Internet video/podcast, it is one of the best jobs you could possibly have.

Sometimes people make me mad. I cant take it when people whine all the time. If there is some huge problem, don't you think you should do something about it. I am no better than any. I think alot of the time we get upset with situations but fail to act on what needs to be done to fix it. This is unfair; if we are upset, isn't it our job to take action not just wait around for someone else to fix it for us? I am really good at complaining about stuff, I could probably devote a whole other blog to just writing everything I think is wrong with the things in my life. This needs to stop I don't have the right to complain about stuff if I am not willing to do anything to change it. This year will be alot different. I hope I will be able to not just whine about things, but take the initiative to do something.

I have a hair cut tomorrow. I want to get it cut super short, but at the same time I want to keep it long. I have to miss part of a meeting for this stupid hair cut so it better be good.

Today my math teacher had on some folk music when I walked in today. I dug it. All the kids complained and wanted rap, but she prevailed and insulted them. Then in my engineering class some kid ran up to the teacher and asked if he could go to the bathroom really fast. The teacher said don't go to fast, you might miss.

Oh the comedy of school teachers in there 20s.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Er ist Colin Meloy!

I hate German so much. The teacher is dumb... who teaches brain science and Chinese in a German class! It's no wonder I never learn anything. I have to make some stupid dancing puppet thing called a Hampleman, I don't think any ones compares to mine. Why you ask? because it is Colin Meloy! No I'm not obsessive, I just like his voice. In the words of Josh while watching a Colin Meloy video "Uhh his voice... I just want to kiss him." Josh is married, to a girl. and I plan on the same someday.

Today was one of my more shameful days. I had an argument with Kyle on how dumb Final Fantasy is. I mean there 23 version of that game! Nothing should have that many versions or episodes or whatever you wanna call it. Yeah that's right George Lucas, episode seven of Star Wars in animation, I don't think so!

Such a nerdy conversation it hurts me.

I am listening to Regina Spektor, and I like it. A friend gave me a whole bunch of CDs for me to listen to, hence why I'm listening to Regina Spektor and not one of my usual artists. Speaking of people/friends, everyone is sick. I think they all must have allergies too or some other illness. hey, I got sick (kinda) and I came to school the next day. Whats up people! Come back to school and stop being babys.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So I just updated the look of my blog, and I realised something. The name of my blog is "Please just accept the fact, even if it's fiction," henceforth people may assume the picture of the chicken on my newly designed page is fake or photoshoped.


That is a real picture of a chicken that one day magically appeared on my back porch. Because I have made the chicken the only colorful thing in the picture, I guess you could say it is photoshoped, but the chicken was actually there.

So awhile back I was bored and I clicked my awesome fire fox extension StumbleUpon and found this website called The Pirates Dilemma, it is a website for a book about how pirating is changing the way capitalism is working. This book caught my attention because pirating is a subject that comes up in alot of my augments. Anyway, I downloaded the book; which by the way is free cause its about piracy, and it is very entertaining. After reading the first chapter I decided to buy the actually book(partially because it hurt my eyes on the computer, and because it was sooo good). You many be thinking this book will only be about Internet piracy, but you are wrong. It spans from subjects on Graffiti to Record players.

I highly recommend you download a free copy.

I am sick... will I guess that's a lie. I have awful allergy symptoms. This is causing my noes and brain much stress, I didn't even go to school today. I think I will try and go tomorrow, but who noes ... get it noes.

No more bad puns.

Monday, September 15, 2008


So I've started school, actually its been almost 3 weeks now. I have no complaints, accept for my German teacher. I think my favorite teachers are my Math, English, and Engineering. My Math teacher is young and likes relatively good music. My English teacher is a Marxist. And my Engineering Draft teacher just moved here from Australia about a month ago, his name is Mr Graham. He is awesome. Sometimes kids well ask him to say crikey... its entertaining. I think the greatest thing about him is when he talks about Lego's (we do alot with Lego's in that class), he calls them Lego. That's right no S. Today we were building shapes with Lego's and virtually designing them in this program called Rhino. Some kid made some supposedly indestructible Lego creation, he kept throwing at the wall. He made some joke about throwing it at Mr Graham, my mind immediately thought one thing...

"Crikey! Lego!"

Other than that my day has been awesomely boring. I'm just sitting here in my chair; witch is slowly falling apart, playing Decemberist covers. I think I might explore the web and see what new application can wast my time.

Come on Internet don't let me down.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Barbra Allen

This post has nothing to do with a girl named Barbra, but I did just get the Colin Meloy Sings Live! CD and he has a song on there titled that. The only thing is he sings Barbrie Allen, but whatever its Colin Meloy, right?

I'm a NERD I spent like 2 hours at a cafe today just playing with all these websites. I updated my blog, twitter, facebook, and some crazy website that I cannot speak of in fear of dieing. Speaking of twitter, I would like to take a second and tell you how awesome micro blogging is... Ok done.

You should all make one, and then follow me!

I have had many a meeting lately. I love it. My parents do not, I guess the idea of driving me to Edmonds everyday is not very attractive to them. I am now on the board of directors for the Jeremiah Center, I'm pretty exited, I have a retreat for it soon. I think every question the board asked me for my interview had something in the answer about the Kaz-Ba; not that that's a bad thing, I just felt repetitive.

Has anyone seen the new ipod nano? It blows my mind. To think you can just shake the bloody thing and it changes to a random song. Oh, and Genius. Its pretty freaking rad.

That is all.

Another Blog

My old blog died. The password fell somewhere into the abyss. So all hail the new "Please just accept the fact, even if it's fiction."