Thursday, October 30, 2008

We're Back

Does anyone remember that move. It was the one with the dinosaurs in it . I loved that move.

Ive been greatly neglecting my Internet responsibilities. I have been updating twitter monthly instead of daily, facebook barley sees my face, and we all know this blog is a little outdated. Well thats all over, the start of school is finally over everything is settling down and I feel like I can get to my more important responsibilities.

Being there.

I haven't done much booking. I feel awful. I'm stepping up. Tonight its time to get a few shows.

Ive been listening to new old music. Its like traveling threw time. Right now I'm listening to New Found glory, Its been so long. I used to listen to them in middle school. Back when things were starting to change, I was developing some independence, figuring out what I like for myself. I enjoyed this time of new ideas, and feeling, it was like beginning a new chapter or something. Listening to all my old favorite songs takes me back to those feeling. but I also think I'm taken back because its time for a new chapter again. What I mean is lately everything has changed; I'm viewing things differently. New things upset me, and the ones that used to are now funny or irrelevant to what is really going on in the world. I find myself reading books I never thought I would. I'm reading books on how capitalism is changing, what effects the youth technology movement is having on the world, and documentaries on graffiti. I find myself excited for the new book "What Would Google Do?" to come out. I have new motives, new ideas. and I need to get started as soon as possible. Something needs to happen something is not working. I intent to fix, start, change, help... do. 

The Internet is amazing, anything can happen. I have so many ideas for businesses. One in particular I think has huge potential. Its not about money, its about the service you provide. I think Kevin Rose is my hero in terms of the web. Founder of, co-founder of Revision 3. successful to say the least. But he likes what he has created. 

I have a friend who says they know the formula for having a successful band, the first step has to do with the fans... people. Aren't they always the most important?

Speaking of the Internet. Ive been using chrome(Google's web browser). mixed feeling. fast. unequipped. no RSS. really google?

I'm so pumped for nothing at all. Well something; this new thing, making me so invigorated/ aggravated. Something is gonna happen. 

Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Customer Is Always Right!

First Kaz-Ba was yesterday. I was very impressed with how may people watched the bands, and seemed onto it. Me and Josh took out the fog machine. It was funny. I'm feeling good about this new year, at first I was assuming it would be like last year. It funny how much the closing of one section can to to everything.

So tonight was my night of figuring how cool some stupid little things are. Like IM smiley faces, usually kinda dumb, unless you are talking to someone who speaks another language, than they become a universal emotion sharing tool! Also the Internet. Ive always know its a revolutionary tool, but, apparently some people don't. Some guy bought a whole bunch of USB drives at Best Buy that were on sale. When he came to pick them up, the manager called customer service, pretended to be this guy, and cancelled the order. What The Fuck! So naturally this guy posts this article on some website, and all of a sudden people are bashing Best Buy left and right. I don't understand how such big company's are so stupid. What potentially cost Best Buy around what , idk, lets say 50 bucks, just cost them a huge loss in business. In this day and age you cant rip people off. They will come back and take you down with them.

Tonight at the NET we played a Family Feud kinda game. It was ridiculous. Last week we took a survey, the answers to this survey became the answers to the game. So how do you get them all wrong when you wrote them? I'm not sure but everyone managed to do it. It was quite funny though.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So everyone is talking about the state of the economy. My history teacher keeps talking about stocks so I thought, what would I buy stock in? Everyone has stock in Starbucks and Nordstrom and dumb stuff like that. My teacher says he only buys stock at places he goes, which again got me thinking. My stock would basically go like this:

Revision 3

See. If you don't know these things, don't worry there gonna blow up. And guess whose gonna have stock in them when they do? Me!... hypothetically.

Everything seemed to work out for Kaz-Ba. At the last minuet we all of a sudden got two bands. we now have a full show. I am amazed.

blah blah blah...

So the Internet radio station is coming along. I just need some more money. I never new being a pirate could be so expensive. Start-up costs are dumb.