Saturday, November 29, 2008


So I had this epiphany while I was on the phone the other night, about country and rap music. They are so similar, kinda. Ok, hear me out. We have alot of rappers some who are telling the truth about where they grew up and their life; however, most probably not. Than I was thinking about country and I'm pretty sure there is no way they all grew up poor on a farm have alcoholism and lost their dog... well maybe. Its kind of ridiculous how to sing a certain genre, you have to fit the stereotype.

It makes sense to listen to music that applies to your life. But does that mean I have to be just like the artist who sings it? I like Sufjan Stevens, should I be wearing plastic wings?

But at the same time certain music does have its own culture. Like punk. Maybe its not about being like the artist, Maybe its about being fake. Music is an expression. How do you express something you have never experienced?

There was a walk threw my thought process.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do geese see God?

So I have this big paper due in my English class, actually its due on my birthday. Anyway, I think it is the most difficult assignment I have ever had to complete. For the sole reason that my teacher is useless. But what do you expect from a crazy Marxist? Anyway, Ive decided to have my paper argue the importance of Net Neutrality. But then I ran across this issue, in the paper we have to include some aspect of the book To Kill A Mocking Bird, you see the problem is they didn't have the Internet to try and remain neutral. So I guess I'm gonna have to link the power of Net Neutrality to the power of a minority.

In a nutshell, Network Neutrality is the issue of not letting companies filter and/or charge you for the websites you can access.

So every once in a while, when I'm doing my homework, I listen to the TWiT podcast. This week I was expecting some good news stories, but instead I got a comedy show. I felt like they were all drunk. They discussed toilets that wash you butt, and how to tick off jack ass Internet folk. So every time they talked about a rude person they played a donkey sound. Then they felt bad for playing it to a story about one guy, so they played the donkey sound backwards, as if to take back the name calling. The problem they found is a donkey noise backward, sounds just like a donkey noise forwards. So they called it a palindrome.

I didn't know palindromes could be sounds.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who died for my sins?

Oh yeah, Jesus.

Ive never really talked about God in this blog. Its always been more about whats happening in my life. But isn't God happening in my life? Ive noticed for a while now how unopen Christians actually are about their faith. We're totally cool discussing who needs praying for and why, but we hardly ever talk about our relationships with God. I find it strange that a community of Christians has so much less God in it than you would think. I'm not sure what we're all afraid of. Do we not want people to know how distant we feel, how everything is not perfect, how you feel like you can just never reach him.

The truth is aren't most of us there? Shouldn't we be talking about it? Shouldn't we seek comfort in our community?