Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do geese see God?

So I have this big paper due in my English class, actually its due on my birthday. Anyway, I think it is the most difficult assignment I have ever had to complete. For the sole reason that my teacher is useless. But what do you expect from a crazy Marxist? Anyway, Ive decided to have my paper argue the importance of Net Neutrality. But then I ran across this issue, in the paper we have to include some aspect of the book To Kill A Mocking Bird, you see the problem is they didn't have the Internet to try and remain neutral. So I guess I'm gonna have to link the power of Net Neutrality to the power of a minority.

In a nutshell, Network Neutrality is the issue of not letting companies filter and/or charge you for the websites you can access.

So every once in a while, when I'm doing my homework, I listen to the TWiT podcast. This week I was expecting some good news stories, but instead I got a comedy show. I felt like they were all drunk. They discussed toilets that wash you butt, and how to tick off jack ass Internet folk. So every time they talked about a rude person they played a donkey sound. Then they felt bad for playing it to a story about one guy, so they played the donkey sound backwards, as if to take back the name calling. The problem they found is a donkey noise backward, sounds just like a donkey noise forwards. So they called it a palindrome.

I didn't know palindromes could be sounds.


Natasha Norton said...

Ah, Satan sees Natasha

R.C. said...

palindromes rule sound ones most be the rare sweet one