Saturday, November 29, 2008


So I had this epiphany while I was on the phone the other night, about country and rap music. They are so similar, kinda. Ok, hear me out. We have alot of rappers some who are telling the truth about where they grew up and their life; however, most probably not. Than I was thinking about country and I'm pretty sure there is no way they all grew up poor on a farm have alcoholism and lost their dog... well maybe. Its kind of ridiculous how to sing a certain genre, you have to fit the stereotype.

It makes sense to listen to music that applies to your life. But does that mean I have to be just like the artist who sings it? I like Sufjan Stevens, should I be wearing plastic wings?

But at the same time certain music does have its own culture. Like punk. Maybe its not about being like the artist, Maybe its about being fake. Music is an expression. How do you express something you have never experienced?

There was a walk threw my thought process.

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Natasha Norton said...

first of all you should be wearing plastic wings... all the time.

oh, and Punk Rock!