Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who died for my sins?

Oh yeah, Jesus.

Ive never really talked about God in this blog. Its always been more about whats happening in my life. But isn't God happening in my life? Ive noticed for a while now how unopen Christians actually are about their faith. We're totally cool discussing who needs praying for and why, but we hardly ever talk about our relationships with God. I find it strange that a community of Christians has so much less God in it than you would think. I'm not sure what we're all afraid of. Do we not want people to know how distant we feel, how everything is not perfect, how you feel like you can just never reach him.

The truth is aren't most of us there? Shouldn't we be talking about it? Shouldn't we seek comfort in our community?

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Natasha Norton said...

I bet if everyone was honest and open about our doubts and stuff like that than we'd be able to help each other grow.