Saturday, December 20, 2008


I haven't blogger in a while, Tasha got on my case about. Ive once again been neglecting my Internet responsibilities. So I turned 17. Crazy. No, it was fun. I got to go out to dinner twice, I got the best present ever, and it was snowy! That made things so much better, right? Definitely not, I have developed a great disliking for snow this winter. I usually like snow, all the fun: the sledding, the snow ball fights, the walks, and the fires. But not anymore, now it just complicates every one's lives. 

Things in my life have been so awesome lately. Perfekt, if you will. Its weird to feel so right with all the things going on in my life. Something else; I feel good with god in my current state of being, which makes me even more happy. The only downside of all this happiness is realizing how bad things must of been prior, and how I didn't much recognize it. But that's ok. Ive learned what was bad, and even though I didn't pick up on it then, now I have the knowledge to know if it ever gets to that point again or even stop it from ever getting to that point again.

But somehow I don't feel like this is going there.

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